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Lifting the Lid on Müller’s “Love Every Bit”

October 2023

This is a self-funded case study using our ad testing solution.

Yogurt is loved equally for its taste, convenience, and versatility. From desserts to dinners (and even dog bowls!), brands are continually seeking innovative ways to incorporate the cultured dairy product into dishes. But amidst the myriad of flavors and usage applications, one ubiquitous act remains the most divisive of them all: licking the underside of the yogurt lid clean. It’s a simple pleasure; a small, everyday joy many can relate to. And it’s something iconic yogurt brand Müller understands all too well.

The brand’s newest campaign “Love Every Bit” fleshes out this insight through a three-part series, exploring some of the quirky habits of Müller disciples. From savoring the last drop of a milkshake to heating up cold rice puddings, each installment looks at various rituals associated with an all-time favorite snack. The “Teacher” spot is perhaps the most humorous of them all, depicting a schoolteacher contemplating whether or not to devour the yogurt lid’s underside in front of a (presumingly judgmental) class full of students.

A hotly debated topic across the nation, it made for an undeniably relatable story. The teacher’s outlandish internal monologue weighing up the ridicule she might face from keenly eyed students had people absorbed in the story and anticipating the outcome. This wasn’t surprising given humor has, time and time again, proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms for driving engagement.

But not only was the scenario highly relevant, it also addressed important category purchase drivers. The ‘social proof’ reinforced through multiple generations approving Müller yogurt for its irresistibility subsequently led to taste and quality perceptions being top-of-mind mental associations. It also reminded many of why the brand is a category leader, which was one of the campaign’s key objectives.

Importantly, though, the warm and light-hearted approach didn’t necessitate the brand pushing creative boundaries in order to grab attention. And that’s totally fine; being unique and original (in an executional sense) isn’t a prerequisite for advertising success. Why?

Well, the softer style of humor and storytelling deployed for “Teacher” (epitomized by the heartfelt interaction between schoolteacher and young student) was highly fitting with existing mental structures around Müller — even with the brand having adopted a more irreverent creative strategy over recent times (see here). So, while it didn’t push creative boundaries, it’s a reminder that advertising doesn’t need to — the tone of voice and creative style is recognized as distinctive for the brand, thus ensuring the ad will ingrain branded memories.

Overall, the campaign reinforces the importance of starting the creative development process with a powerful consumer insight or universal human truth. By leveraging relatable insights and celebrating various rituals in each campaign installment, Müller was able to build a warm and genuine connection with viewers, and one which we can confidently say everyday people loved every bit of!

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