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Super Bowl 2024 Ad Rankings

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🏈 Super Bowl LVIII had it all — jaw-dropping plays by both teams, multiple lead changes, and a nail-biting over time finish that had fans on the edge of their seats. Kansas City’s young gun quarterback Patrick Mahomes firmly placed himself in GOAT conversations after winning his third Super Bowl ring, and at the ripe old age of 28 is drawing comparisons to sporting greats such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Serena Williams.

But the thing that makes the Super Bowl such a one-of-a-kind spectacle is that it’s the one and only time of the year that viewers are just as absorbed by what’s happening off the field, as they are with what’s happening on it. This represents the holy grail for advertisers, and a belated Christmas Day for advertising junkies like us at Cubery!

But, in the rush to test ads and separate the wheat from the chaff, what quickly gets lost is the theory and ‘science’ behind what makes an ad effective. In particular, we’ve seen marketers grow increasingly skeptical toward the idea that “emotion” and “happiness” are the be-all and end-all of advertising success.

To be clear, emotion (and standing out) is a prerequisite; advertising that doesn’t enter people’s mental headspace is consigned to being ineffectual. But from there, two other (equally important) things must happen:
1. The memories must be inextricably connected to the brand; and
2. Motivating impressions, associations, and ideas must be seeded in people’s minds.

Our framework has been built upon these rigorous theoretical underpinnings, distilling the factors for success into a simple and intuitive framework — the 3Cs:
1. Captivate: Be emotive; stand out and grab attention.
2. Connect: Be recognizable; synergize with expectations.
3. Compel: Be motivating; drive behavioral change.

We produce a one number composite metric (the Cubery Rating) that equally weights the 3Cs, providing a robust and transparent prediction of effectiveness. You can read more about our framework here

Click below to see the rankings broken out across 3 key verticals (click the thumbnail to watch the ad).

Interested to learn more about how we tested all of the ads? Explore our advertising testing/tracking solution here.

The 2024 rankings

Doritos | Dina & Mita
Cubery Rating: 81 (+21 vs. 2023)
Doritos are back on top of this year’s Super Bowl effectiveness pile! After a rare down year, Doritos produced an epic in 2024. While Jenna Ortega was an A-list inclusion, the elderly characters in Dina & Mita brought amusement to the action-packed narrative. Centering the story around the hot pursuit of the last pack of Dynamitas ensured the brand was seamlessly integrated into the story, with the high voltage theme perfectly aligning with what people have come to expect from Doritos. While the big, bold theme worked to reinforce the brand’s fun positioning, it also linked to the product’s big, bold flavor — motivating purchase as a result.
“I liked the comedy playing into how intense the flavor is with all the action.”
Oikos | Hold My Oikos
Cubery Rating: 76 (+18 vs. 2023)
Is “hold my Oikos” the new “hold my beer”? Another huge improver from 2023, the simple narrative was well-enjoyed and tapped into important purchase motivators. While Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharpe provided the star-power (and plenty of laughs), their presence worked in tandem with the brand rather than overpowering it. As a result, people were clear on the single-minded proposition of the brand’s added protein benefits, reinforcing its point of difference.
“Oikos yogurt with 20g of protein is a positive thing about this yogurt. It makes me feel better than other brands of yogurt.”
Reese’s | Yes!
Cubery Rating: 75 (New in 2024)
In what can only be described as a rollercoaster of emotions, in the end Reese’s delivered a Super Bowl ad worth celebrating. While a little too over-the-top for some, the exaggerated approach ultimately made for an enjoyable, highly attention-grabbing spot. Branding-wise, the orange color pallet featured prominently, and together with the humorous theme aligned seamlessly with what people have come to expect from the brand. As a result the ad was hard not to attribute back to Reese’s.
“I really liked how the entire family was going wild each time the narrator said something else about the new Reese's product.”
Hellmann’s | Mayo Cat
Cubery Rating: 73 (+10 vs. 2023)
Forget the fridge or pantry, condiment brand Hellmann’s are now a staple on the Super Bowl shelf. Hellmann’s was a big improver versus 2023, with the consistent messaging around livening up leftovers helping develop this into a positioning people now associate with the brand. Familiar faces from SNL are also a seemingly consistent theme, with this year’s ad leveraging the comedic stylings of Kate McKinnon to attract people’s attention (enhanced, of course, by the overwhelmingly positive reception to adorable Mayo Cat!).
“This ad was really funny. It caught my attention quickly and was amusing to watch the entire way through. I liked the actress and that it centered around a cat.”
Pringles | Mr. P
Cubery Rating: 72 (+2 vs. 2023)
Moving away from the “hand-in-a-can” concept of the last few years, Pringles instead enlisted Chris Pratt to don a mustache and go viral as the doppelgänger for Mr. Pringle. While people found previous years’ ads equally amusing, Mr. P delivered greater warmth and happiness — laddering up to the most likable Pringles Super Bowl ad we’ve tested. Basing the narrative around the iconic and uniquely ownable character (and can) meant people couldn’t forget who the ad was for.
“It was cute with mustache on all the men. I really liked the stagecoach western look. I am not a fan of Pringles, but this made them seem interesting. I might have to grab some.”
M&M’s | Almost Champions
Cubery Rating: 71 (+18 vs. 2023)
Returning to the brand’s roots after a controversial side-step in 2023, M&M’s stuck to a more familiar formula in 2024, pairing the universally recognized mascots with a host of beloved celebrities. While not as attention-grabbing as last year’s effort, this was largely due to lessened irritation, with people considerably more positive to 2024’s lighthearted ribbing. Importantly, this style of humor was seen to be a strong fit with the brand, which — combined with the famous spokes-candies — created an ad that could’ve only been for M&M’s.
“The M&M characters are fun and expressive, Scarlett Johanssen is a nice addition at the end.”
Oreo | Imagine a World
Cubery Rating: 70 (New in 2024)
Another first-time entrant to the Super Bowl rankings in 2024 was iconic cookie brand, Oreo, with a clever idea designed to spark a movement of coin-flipping cookies. While the narrative itself (and its Kardashianed characters) struggled to reach the emotional heights of others, the approach certainly crafted branded memories; by heroing the product and its unique twisting attributes, it meant the ad could’ve been for one brand only.
“It was a cute commercial the way they used Oreos the only thing I didn’t like was that the Kardashians were in it.”
Nerds | Flashdance
Cubery Rating: 69 (New in 2024)
Nerds’ Super Bowl spot had people’s tongues wagging pre-game, with social media superstar Addison Rae fronting the campaign. However, reducing the celebrity’s role to a bit-part cameo at the ad’s conclusion meant cut-through wasn’t as strong as it perhaps could’ve been. While the ad was reasonably well enjoyed and the fun animations shined a spotlight on the brand’s uniquely ownable characters, some were left a little perplexed about what the ad was trying to tell them.
“I have never seen nerds animated like the m&m commercials. That was great.”
Drumstick | Doctor on the Plane
Cubery Rating: 68 (New in 2024)
Drumstick’s 2024 venture into Super Bowl advertising certainly filled the brief in standing out like a sore thumb. The off-the-wall narrative (featuring the even more quirky Eric Andrè) quickly grabbed people’s attention and heroed the uniquely shaped ice cream cone. However, while the approach did work to provide a point of difference for the brand, some struggled to keep up with the story — hindering how successfully the ad’s comedic intentions could have their desired impact on viewers.
“I like how everyone in the ad was enjoying the delicious drumstick ice cream.”
Lindt | Life is a Ball
Cubery Rating: 68 (New in 2024)
Among all the glitz and glamor of Super Bowl advertising, Swiss chocolatier Lindt produced a warm-hearted ad that was well-received for its soft and blissful approach. While the ad didn’t blow people away with a rocky emotional narrative, the focus instead was on a uniquely shaped, snitch-like Lindt ball as it bounced through various scenes. The result was the emotions garnered from the ad being easily transferred onto the luxury chocolatier.
“The video clip encompassed every emotion I feel towards chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed the video.”
Budweiser | Old School Delivery
Cubery Rating: 77 (+16 vs. 2023)
It didn’t take long for Budweiser to get back on the horse and gallop ahead of the chasing pack. For many, Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales — which made departing from such an iconic brand asset in 2023 a peculiar move. The impact of their return in 2024 was plain for all to see. Not only did the horses lay the foundations for a heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable narrative, but their presence throughout ensured the ad was unmistakably Budweiser, right from the opening few seconds.
“I love the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. They are a part of the Budweiser brand and have been for years. When I see those horses I automatically think of the Budweiser brand.”
Mountain Dew | The Blast
75 (New in 2024)
Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl spot featured an enjoyable appearance from the notoriously prickly Audrey Plaza. Embodying the brand’s personality to a tee, the rebelliously edgy ambassador took the audience through a number of relatable (and not so relatable…) teenage scenarios. Heroing the product at all times resulted in an incredibly well-branded execution, while the ad simultaneously reinforced Mountain Dew’s youthful and edgy positioning.
“I like the actors in the ad the way that she was monotoned was very amusing she played the good part well and I think that the part played fit mountain dew.”
Bodyarmor | Field of Fake
Cubery Rating: 72 (New in 2024)
In a rare sports-themed ad on Super Bowl Sunday, Bodyarmor took inspiration from the world of A.I. in a clever juxtaposition to their “no substitute for real” positioning. While reasonably well enjoyed, the once unfathomable results of text and image generation have now become part-and-parcel of everyday life, with the approach consequently lacking the attention-grabbing punch of other Super Bowl executions (and as a result leaving people feeling largely indifferent). Nevertheless, the focus on real ingredients and a passion for sport perfectly aligned with how people see the brand.
“It was a good ad, plenty of brand shots along with sport so it did fit the product well.”
Poppi | The Future of Soda is Now
Cubery Rating: 71 ( New in 2024)
Poppi’s first foray into Super Bowl advertising was designed to reinforce its point of difference in a category packed to the brim with formidable competitors. While the majority of the 120m+ people watching the Big Game would’ve had very little pre-existing knowledge of the brand, Poppi instead shone a spotlight on its bright can and youthful, optimistic personality. Together with conveying the product’s better-for-you proposition, people were left in no doubt as to what Poppi stood for.
“I liked that it gave details about the product - such as sugar content, etc - in clear and informative ways. No hype, just facts.”
Bud Light | Easy Night Out
Cubery Rating: 69 (-1 vs. 2023)
After a few shaky months of unconvincing attempts to win back customers, it looks like Bud Light are turning the corner. The high energy atmosphere packed with celebrity cameos was a head turner, with the narrative increasingly enjoyed as the night out got increasingly outrageous. The party atmosphere aligned with people’s expectations of Bud Light, while the brand’s distinctive blue palette was splashed everywhere. The result was Bud Light clawing back some lost ground on perceptions of it being a fun and social brand.
“I think is a fresh story and could be fun for their customers.”
Michelob ULTRA | Superior Beach
Cubery Rating: 68 (+2 vs. 2023)
Continuing to partner with the world’s biggest athletes, Michelob ULTRA might have landed the biggest fish of them all in 2024 — Dan Marino. No wait, make that Lionel Messi! For all the convincing it likely took (monetary and otherwise) to land one of the globe’s most recognizable sportspeople, the effectiveness of celebrity appearances are ultimately beholden to the viewer themselves. Unfortunately, the result for Michelob ULTRA was their least distinctive ad of the last three Super Bowls, with Americans seemingly just as focused on the bit-part cameo from Dan Marino (and Jason Sudeikis) as they were for Messi.
“I liked the surprise soccer game while the man waited on his beer.”
Starry | Love Triangle
Cubery Rating: 67 (New in 2024)
Starry took to the grandest platform of them all in the brand’s latest effort to get its name into the public’s consciousness. Crafting a set of clearly defined assets has been the brand’s goal from the outset, with the consistent integration of characters Lem and Lime ensuring Starry was at the forefront of people’s minds. However, while Starry openly encouraged people to “see other sodas”, the ad didn’t convey much about the brand’s advantages, ultimately leaving people with little reason to consider altering their purchase habits.
“I liked the little starry characters. They were very cute and amusing.”
Coors Light | Chill Train
Cubery Rating: 75 (New in 2024)
Coors Light is a brand that knows exactly who it is, and it shows in their marketing. One of America’s most recognizable local beer brands? Showcase the country on one of the most American days in the calendar. Got a snowy mountain peak adorning your packaging? Maximize cool and refreshing impressions in your advertising. But not only did the ad deliver on these two key attributes perfectly, it also served to reintroduce the snow-covered Coors Light train that hasn’t appeared in the brand’s advertising for 12 years. Cheers to the reprisal of latent distinctive assets 🍻
“It was a bit whimsical with a Coors Lite train coming through different areas and bringing a cool, chill, refreshing beer.”
Uber Eats | Don’t Forget
Cubery Rating: 78 (+18 vs. 2023)
Featuring more celebrities than an Oscar’s red carpet, Uber Eats pulled out the big guns this year to deliver a light-hearted and amusing storyline. While the long list of famous faces didn’t quite achieve the level of distinctiveness that we’d typically expect from such a star-studded line up, the self-effacing cameos were still thoroughly enjoyed. Countering the risks of a celeb-heavy approach diverting attention away from the brand, the familiar green delivery bags were interspersed throughout. And, together with the relatable usage occasions featured, it created a seamless connection back to the brand.
“I thought it was funny and down to earth how you can order anything from uber eats.”
DoorDash | All The Ads
Cubery Rating: 76 (New in 2024)
DoorDash piggybacking on the coattails of almost the entire catalogue of Super Bowl advertisers was a stroke of genius, shining an enormous spotlight on the brand’s wide range of delivery options — and hardly having to lift a finger to do it. While the deliberately chaotic ad was unsurprisingly seen as annoying by some (impacting overall enjoyment), the approach worked to effectively grab people’s attention with its barrage of over-information. As such, people didn’t need to hear all the specifics to clearly understand the intended message.
“I like the way he was speed talking, and saying everything DoorDash delivers.”
Dunkin’ | The DunKings
Cubery Rating: 74 (-2 vs. 2023)
As prefaced in Ben Affleck’s opening line, this year’s Dunkin’ ad was going to be starkly different to 2023. And so, it proved. The aspects in which last year’s ad struggled, this year’s delivered in spades (and vice versa). For example, where last year was a little more passive, but likable — this year demanded viewer’s attention (to the detriment of some people’s enjoyment). And whereas 2023’s highly relatable drive-thru setting felt seamlessly aligned with people’s expectations, it was the strongly branded uniforms and recognizable ambassadors that drew focus back to the brand this time.
“I loved the outfits that Matt, Ben and Tom were wearing it was so funny. Also the pink glasses.”
Popeyes | The Wait is Over
Cubery Rating: 73 (New in 2024)
Popeyes opted for maximum energy in their Super Bowl spot, pairing the chaotic stylings of Ken Jeong with the soundtrack of DJ Snake and Lil Jon. While the approach was a surefire way to grab attention via an assault of the senses, the risk — of course — is if this ultimately paints the brand in a negative light. Pleasingly for Popeyes, the ad was received largely positively, with levels of irritation (while higher than normal) not as pronounced as the approach could’ve potentially lent itself to.
“Funny character very much over reacting to chicken wings in a good way.”

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