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Packaging Testing

Test the effectiveness of new or revised package designs and labels.

How do you create winning pack designs?

The 3 C’s are the building blocks of packaging success and are key to winning at the point of purchase.
The 3 c's methodology


Stand out on-shelf, arouse shoppers’ curiosity, and trigger an emotional response. This can be achieved through both the visual design (colors, typography, imagery, etc.) and structural elements (shape, layout, materials, etc.).

Pringles depicted flavor varieties in a bright, fun, and creative way – a departure from conventional category tropes.
Pringles case study


Leverage the brand’s distinctive assets to build instant on-shelf recognition (colors, shapes, characters, etc.). People shop on “auto-pilot”, so the more easily recognizable the packaging, the more likely the product is to be chosen.

While Laughing Cow received a re-fresh, its iconic ambassador – consistent for 100 years – remained “front and center”.
Laughing Cow case study


Making the brand seem different, better, and more advantageous sets you apart and gives people a reason for choosing you. While facts and information motivate behavior, so does laddering-up to higher order benefits and making people feel good.

Cadbury Old Gold re-arranged product information hierarchy – making flavor variant identification more seamless.
Cadbury case study

The 3 C’s predict marketing success


Does it stand out and elicit a positive emotional response?


Does it leverage unique branding properties to create instant recognition?


Does it predispose people toward purchase?

How it works

1. Configure

Configure your test and customize your target audience by completing a briefing form and emailing us.

2. Launch

We’ll review your brief before pushing the testing live. Respondents will start completing your survey in real-time.

3. Results

Results will be immediately available in your online dashboard once the target quotas have been met.

4. Insights

A tailored report will be prepared by our consultants, providing in-depth analysis and recommendations.

We offer 3 tiers to choose from when configuring a test

Packaging Testing metrics - Performance SummaryPackaging Testing metrics - Attraction DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Branding DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Impressions (prompted)Packaging Testing metrics - Value for moneyPackaging Testing metrics - Name Appeal

The 3 C’s are the building blocks of effective marketing, diagnosing the behavioral and psychological drivers of decision-making.

  • Captivate: Attraction, Interest, Likeability
  • Connect: Fit, Cues, Uniqueness
  • Compel: Feeling, Difference, Persuasion
Does it stand out and set itself apart?

  • Unique / Distinctive
  • Annoying / Irritating
  • Nice / Pleasant
  • Dull / Boring
Leveraging distinctive assets helps create instant recognition, while also building trust and credibility.

  • Fit
  • Cues
  • Uniqueness
Does it convey intended impressions about the brand/product?

  • 5 x tailored statements
Value & Pricing
We offer two options for testing price perceptions:

Value for Money: Does the proposed price of the brand/product represent good value?

Van Westendorp: How much would people be prepared to pay for the brand/product? This identifies an acceptable range of prices using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter.
Name Appeal
How appealing is the name of the brand/product?
Packaging Testing metrics - Rational DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Associations

Diagnose includes all Evaluate metrics, plus:

How persuasive is the information conveyed about the brand/product?

  • Clarity
  • New
  • Informative
  • Different
  • Believable
  • Relevant
What aspects of it are people most positive toward?
What aspects of it are people most negative toward?
What 3 words would people use to describe the brand/product after seeing it?
Packaging Testing metrics - Emotion DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Impressions (spontaneous)Packaging Testing metrics - StandoutPackaging Testing metrics - Assets

Optimize includes all Evaluate & Diagnose metrics, plus:

What emotions does it make people feel? Diagnosis of both positive and negative emotions (20 in total) across a high to low arousal continuum.
What impressions does it give people about the brand/product?
What are the most memorable elements of it?
What distinctive assets do people recognize from it?
What would people change to improve it or make it more appealing?


Online Dashboard

All your tests will be housed in an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, meaning historical data is never lost and always available at your fingertips.

Tailored Report

Our team of consultants will prepare a tailored report for your test, providing you with in-depth analysis, insights and recommendations.

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