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Packaging Testing

Test the effectiveness of new or revised package designs and labels.

How do you create winning pack designs?

The 3Cs are the building blocks of packaging success and are key to winning at the point of purchase.
The 3cs Framework


Stand out on-shelf, arouse shoppers’ curiosity, and trigger an emotional response. This can be achieved through both the visual design (e.g. colors, typography, imagery) and structural elements (e.g. shape, layout, materials).

Pringles depicted flavor varieties in a bright, fun, and creative way – departing from category tropes.
Pringles case study


Leverage the brand’s distinctive assets to build instant on-shelf recognition (e.g. colors, shapes, characters). People shop on “auto-pilot”, so the more easily recognizable the packaging, the more likely it is to be chosen.

While Laughing Cow received a re-fresh, its 100-year-old iconic ambassador remained unchanged.
Laughing Cow case study


Making the brand/product seem different, better, and more advantageous gives people a reason for choosing you. Facts and information motivate behavior, but so does laddering up to higher order benefits and making it feel like a good choice. 

Cadbury Old Gold altered its information hierarchy – making flavor identification more seamless.
Cadbury case study

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Select the depth of insight you require

We offer 3 tiers to choose from; each builds incrementally.
Packaging Testing metrics - Performance SummaryPackaging Testing metrics - Attraction DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Branding DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Impressions (prompted)Packaging Testing metrics - Value for moneyPackaging Testing metrics - Name AppealPackaging Testing metrics - Name AppealPackaging Testing metrics - Name Appeal

💥 Shelf Impact
Does the packaging attract eyeballs and immediately cue the brand? This is a composite metric made up of Captivate and Connect.

👀 Captivate
Does it disrupt the status quo and induce an emotional response? This is a composite metric made up of Magnetism and Likeability.

🔒 Connect
Is it easily recognizable for the brand and synergistic with existing mental structures? This is a composite metric made up of Attribution and Fit.

🧠 Compel
Does it convey ideas that tap into people’s ‘jobs to be done’? This is a composite metric made up of Persuasion and Difference.
Does it stand out and get people’s attention? Metrics:
  • Unique/Distinctive
  • Annoying/Irritating
  • Nice/Pleasant
  • Dull/Boring
Connect (Branding)
Leveraging distinctive properties enhances the ease of identification of the brand/product, while also building credibility and trust. Metrics:
  • Attribution: Transference of associations and feelings unique to the brand.
  • Fit: Alignment with people’s expectations of the brand.
Does it convey the desired impressions about the brand/product? Metrics:
  • 5x tailored statements
Value for money
Does the proposed price represent good value?
Name appeal*
How appealing is the name?
Custom open-ended question*
Diagnosis of an area of interest not otherwise covered by the core metrics.
Van Westendorp*
How much would people be prepared to pay? This identifies an acceptable range of prices using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter.
*Additional cost
Packaging Testing metrics - Rational DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Associations

Diagnose includes all Evaluate metrics, plus:

How persuasive is the information conveyed about the brand/product? Metrics:
  • New
  • Different
  • Believable
  • Relevant
  • Clarity
Likes (open-ended)
What aspects are people most positive toward?
Dislikes (open-ended)
What aspects are people most negative toward?
Associations (open-ended)
What 3 words would people use to describe the brand/product?
Packaging Testing metrics - Emotion DiagnosisPackaging Testing metrics - Impressions (spontaneous)Packaging Testing metrics - StandoutPackaging Testing metrics - Assets

Optimize includes all Evaluate & Diagnose metrics, plus:

What emotions does it make people feel? Metrics:
  • Diagnosis of both positive and negative emotions (20 in total) across a high to low arousal continuum.
Impressions (open-ended)
What impressions are people left with about the brand/product?
Standout (open-ended)
What are the most memorable elements?
Assets (open-ended)
What distinctive branding properties did people recognize?
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