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Advertising Testing

Test and track the effectiveness of advertising across any channel, platform or format.

How do you create winning advertising?

The 3 C’s are the building blocks of advertising success and are key to unlocking profitable brand growth.
The 3 c's methodology


Emotion and storytelling are at the heart of great advertising – taking people through twists and turns and making them laugh or cry. Character-development, tapping into human truths, and music are all effective ways to generate engagement.

Just Eat used a famous celebrity (Snoop Dogg), entertaining storyline, and catchy rap rendition to entrance viewers.
Just Eat case study


Redeploy the brand’s distinctive assets in fresh and topical ways over time (characters, storylines, slogans, jingles, etc.). Use the brand to drive the narrative – feature it during peak emotional moments and present it as the solution to the problem.

Furphy told a story about “telling a furphy” (furphy = colloquialism for “tall-tale”) – a clever way to ensure brand memorability.
Furphy case study


Focus on conveying only one key message, impression, or idea. The more you try to communicate, the more take-out of everything will be diluted – and potentially lead to confusion. Show how product benefits ladder-up to emotional rewards.

Yorkshire Tea poked fun at brands pandering to social purpose; the playful story built emotional affinity for the brand.
Yorkshire Tea case study

The 3 C’s predict advertising success


Does it attract and retain attention, and engage in an emotional way?


Does it leverage unique branding properties to create instant recognition?


Does it leave a lasting impression which predisposes people toward the brand?

Test advertising across any channel, platform or format

Ad Testing - TV Advertising
Video - Ad
Ad Testing - Video Content
Video - Content
Ad Testing - Digital Display
Digital Display
Ad Testing - Outdoor Advertising OOH
Ad Testing - Print
Ad Testing - Radio
Ad Testing - Campaign

Test at any stage of the creative development process

Ad Testing - Pre-testing early stage addvertising


Which ideas, concepts or territories have the most potential?

Ad Testing - Early edits


How can early cuts be optimized prior to final editing?

Ad Testing - Pre-media


Is the ad strong enough to run? How should we plan our media?

Ad Testing - Post campaign performance


Can the ad be run again? How does it perform in other markets?

Ad Testing - In-market ad tracking


Is the ad getting noticed? Is creative efficiency declining over time?

Read our guide to early-stage creative testing

How it works

1. Configure

Configure your test and customize your target audience by completing a briefing form and emailing us.

2. Launch

We’ll review your brief before pushing the testing live. Respondents will start completing your survey in real-time.

3. Results

Results will be immediately available in your online dashboard once the target quotas have been met.

4. Insights

A tailored report will be prepared by our consultants, providing in-depth analysis and recommendations.

We offer 3 tiers to choose from when configuring a test

Advertising Testing metrics - Performance SummaryAdvertising Testing metrics - Attraction DiagnosisAdvertising Testing metrics - Branding DiagnosisAdvertising Testing metrics - Impressions (prompted)Advertising Testing metrics - AttributionAdvertising Testing metrics - Media Diagnosis

The 3 C’s are the building blocks of effective advertising, diagnosing the behavioral and psychological drivers of decision-making.

  • Captivate: Attraction, Interest, Likeability
  • Connect: Integration, Prominence, Fit, Cues, Uniqueness
  • Compel: Feeling, Difference, Persuasion
Does the ad stand out and get people’s attention?

  • Unique / Distinctive
  • Annoying / Irritating
  • Nice / Pleasant
  • Dull / Boring
Will advertising memories be connected to the brand?

  • Integration
  • Prominence
  • Fit
  • Cues
  • Uniqueness
Does the ad convey intended impressions about the brand?

  • 5 x tailored statements
Skew of brand attribution toward masterbrand or variant.
How effective has media targeting, frequency and weight of expenditure been?

  • Awareness (Reach)
  • Frequency
  • Wearout
Advertising Testing metrics - Rational DiagnosisAdvertising Testing metrics - Associations

Diagnose includes all Evaluate metrics, plus:

How persuasive is the information conveyed about the brand?

  • Clarity
  • New
  • Informative
  • Different
  • Believable
  • Relevant
What aspects of the ad are people most positive toward?
What aspects of the ad are people most negative toward?
What 3 words would people use to describe the brand after seeing/hearing the ad?
Advertising Testing metrics - Emotion diagnosisAdvertising Testing metrics - Impressions (spontaneous)Advertising Testing metrics - StandoutAdvertising Testing metrics - AssetsAdvertising Testing metrics - Playback

Optimize includes all Evaluate & Diagnose metrics, plus:

What emotions does the ad leave people feeling? Diagnosis of both positive and negative emotions (20 in total) across a high to low arousal continuum.
What impressions does the ad leave people with about the brand?
What elements stuck in people’s minds the most from the ad?
What distinctive assets from the ad were recognized by people?
What do people recall seeing/hearing from the ad and how do they interpret it all fitting together?


Online Dashboard

All your tests will be housed in an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, meaning historical data is never lost and always available at your fingertips.

Tailored Report

Our team of consultants will prepare a tailored report for your test, providing you with in-depth analysis, insights and recommendations.

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