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We combine technology and human intelligence to predict and improve marketing effectiveness.
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Cubery is a tech-based agency specializing in advertising and product development research.
We help businesses predict and improve the effectiveness of their marketing.



Our technology enables us to predict marketing success in just a matter of hours, without breaking the bank.
Our team of experts turn data into insights, improving marketing ROI and helping drive profitable growth.



Need to test and compare multiple advertising, innovation or packaging concepts? Easily set up projects to see how matched audience groups respond to different stimulus.
Volume discounts are applied when multiple tests are combined together. 

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How it works

1. Submit your test

Configure your test and customize your target audience, either via our self-service platform or by completing a briefing form and emailing us.

2. Review & Launch

We’ll quickly review your test before making it live. Our platform is plugged directly into global sample providers, so respondents will start completing your survey in real-time.

3. Results delivered

Results will be immediately available via your online dashboard once the target quotas have been met, while a tailored report will be prepared by a consultant.

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Make more effective



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