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Why Cubery?

Cubery is a tech-based agency specializing in advertising and product development research.
We help businesses predict and improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

While technology and automation are central to what we do, we recognize that – in itself – data only provides so many answers. Humans are complex creatures. What they mean sometimes isn’t clear to their best friend or even their partner.

Our model is unique because it allows clients to scale up or down depending on how hands-on they want to be. Our platform can be used to run fully automated, self-serve research projects in a timely and cost-effective way. Alternatively, clients can “scale up” and gain access to our in-house team of specialist consultants, who will analyze test results and provide clear directions for improvement.

Our vision for the future of market research isn’t one where clients need to make a trade-off between the benefits of working with a technology company versus a full-service consultancy. We believe they’re both equally important, and together enable businesses to make smarter, faster, and better decisions.


Automation enables us to offer prices which start at just $1,500, allowing for iterative testing and continuous meta-learning.


Our “always on” survey provides direct access to millions of consumers, with test results available in as little as 24 hours.


We don’t lock you into prohibitive contracts. It takes only a matter of minutes to create and launch a test.


We’re not just a tech platform; we also provide full-service consultancy and support by a team of marketing experts.


All historical test data is securely housed in your online dashboard, accessible to key stakeholders at any time.

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