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When do I use Cubery? (Advertising)
Any question you have at any stage of the creative development cycle

Pre-market advertising questions…
Does my ad deliver against objectives?
Is my ad strong enough to run?
How can I optimize my ad to improve its performance?
Which ads in which channels will generate maximum ROI?
Will international ads work locally?
How should I spread my media budget across various ads?

In-market advertising questions…
Has my ad been seen?
Do I need to invest more?
Is my ad wearing out?
Can it be re-run?
How strong is my competitors’ advertising?
What can I learn to strengthen my creative in future?
Are my cut-down and re-edited ads working?
How can I justify media investment to the business?
How to create a test? 
There are four areas that need to be configured to get a test up and running:

1. Stimulus

Test Type & Name
Brand/Product Name & Status
Development Stage
Stimulus Type & Length
Attach Stimulus

2. Configure
Tailored Behavioral Action
5 x Tailored Impressions
Value/Price Analysis (Innovation & Packaging)
Variant Appeal – max 10 (Innovation)

3. Audience
Audience Name & Size
Level of Insight (Evaluate, Diagnose or Optimize)
Demographics (Age, Gender, Country, Location)
2 x Tailored Recruitment Questions (Y/N)
1 x Tailored Occupation Exclusion

4. Reporting
Online Dashboard
Online Dashboard + Report (including tailored insights and analysis)
How much does a project cost?
Self-service solutions

The Cubery self-service platform gives users the flexibility to choose their desired Audience size and level of consultancy when creating a Test, which will adjust costs accordingly.

Our pricing for the recommended Audience size of 150 respondents with full consultancy is as follows:
Evaluate: US $2,000
Diagnose: US $3,000
Optimize: US $4,000

The prices shown are for a single Test amongst one Audience (e.g. Female MGB’s 35+). If you require analysis amongst one or more additional Audiences, this will need to be specified when submitting your Test and will come at an additional cost.

Note: Australian customers will be charged GST (Goods and Services Tax) on top of the quoted prices.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, we offer incremental volume discounts. These can be accessed in one of two ways:
1. By submitting two or more tests together (which are to be analyzed/reported on together), or;
2. By committing to undertake two or more tests per month on average on-going.

Volume discounts are only applicable to tests which include consultancy, and both of these discounts cannot be utilized simultaneously.
How do you offer such cost-effective research solutions?
Why are we able to offer unparalleled cost efficiencies and speed?

1. Our self-service solutions are fully automated
We automate the entire research process from brief to report delivery, so you’re not paying costly fees for questionnaire development, survey generation, project management, data processing and analysis/interpretation (if it’s not required).

2. Our sampling approach gives us a competitive advantage
Unlike our competitors, we screen all respondents completing a Cubery survey through a single gateway. This offers us tremendous flexibility and efficiency in how we allocate and manage the surveys available for respondents to complete.

3. We only measure the metrics that matter
We recognize that you don’t need to ask an endless number of questions to know whether or not your marketing is working, so the surveys we administer are short and compact. And we let you choose what level of insight you require, so you’re not paying for unnecessary extras that you don’t need (or want!).
What payment options do you offer?
We offer 3 payment methods for our self-service solutions.

1. Credit or Debit Card
Pay us directly and get your project started immediately. We accept the following cards:
- Visa
- MasterCard
- American Express

2. CuberyCredits
Ideal for when you’re creating Tests on a regular basis. Get in contact with us to add credits to your account.

3. Project Invoice
An invoice supplied on an individual project basis. Get in contact with us to get your project started.
How do you ensure data quality?

We are committed to delivering the highest quality data

  • Being researchers first and foremost means that we take data integrity extremely seriously. We have put in place a number of processes and initiatives in order to make sure you can have complete confidence in the data we provide.
  • By its very nature, automation means we’re able to eliminate almost all human involvement, which is the most common cause of errors when working with a traditional market research provider.
  • We partner with the largest and most reputable sample providers. They have strict quality controls, comply with AMSRS and AMSRO guidelines and are ISO accredited.
  • Our question framework is completely standardized, which means the types of questions we ask, and the order and way in which we ask them, is always the same. Subsequently, the level of rigor and robustness behind our normative databases is unparalleled.
  • Our survey platform is device agnostic, meaning the survey experience is the same across PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. While this helps us reach difficult audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner, more importantly it ensures the data we collect across different devices is consistent.
  • The surveys we administer are short and compact, having been designed with the respondent experience in mind. This helps to maintain engagement and subsequently ensures quality responses are provided.
  • Respondents are in complete control of the survey experience, having the ability to manage the number of surveys they participate in. This avoids respondent fatigue which frequently occurs with longer surveys, and subsequently maintains the quality of responses provided.

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